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Absolute Beginner`s Guide to Building Robots Absolute Beginner`s Guide to Building Robots book Absolute Beginner`s Guide to Building Robots

by Gareth Branwyn
Paperback: 384 pages
Publisher: Que; 1st edition (September 29, 2003)

Finally, a robots book for people who don`t know the first thing about robotics! Absolute Beginner`s Guide to Robots is well-written, inviting, and action-packed, with engaging ideas and fascinating factoids about robots and robot-related arts and sciences. You are led gently into the intimidating world of robotics, but nearly 400 pages later, you emerge with a respectable knowledge of robot history, the major fields and `schools` of robotics today, and the basic skills and resources needed to create hobby robots.

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Pages: 1

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