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Application-Specific Integrated Circuits Application-Specific Integrated Circuits book Application-Specific Integrated Circuits

by Michael John Sebastian Smith
Hardcover: 1026 pages
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Pub Co; 1st edition (June 10, 1997)

Comprehensive book on ASICs describes the latest methods in VLSI-systems design, ASIC design, using commercial tools and pre-designed cell libraries. Covers both semicustom and programmable ASIC types. DLC: Application-specific integrated circuits.

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Programmable Controllers Theory and Implementation Programmable Controllers Theory and Implementation book Programmable Controllers Theory and Implementation

By L. A. Bryan, E. A. Bryan

This informative text provides a comprehensive theoretical, yet practical, look at all aspects of PLCs and their associated devices and systems. Included are new chapters on advanced PLC topics such as, I/O bus networks, fuzzy logic, the IEC 1131-3 programming standard, process control, and PID algorithms. This new edition also presents revised, up-to-date information about existing topics, with expanded graphics and hands-on examples.

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