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Advanced control engineering Advanced control engineering

ISBN: 0750651008
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann
Published October 2001; Paperback; 450 pages

Advanced Control Engineering provides a complete course in control engineering for undergraduates of all technical disciplines. Starting with a basic overview of elementary control theory this text quickly moves on to a rigorous examination of more advanced and cutting edge date aspects such as robust and intelligent control, including neural networks and genetic algorithms.

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Software Engineering and Computer Games Software Engineering and Computer Games

Publisher: Addison-Wesley
Copyright: 2002
Format: Paper; 648 pp

This book should be a requirement of anyone that wants to write games period
André Lamothe, author and CEO of Xtreme Games
There are many books on the art of games programming but now acclaimed author Rudy Rucker has gone a step beyond and transformed it into a science.

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Radio Engineering for Wireless Communication and Sensor Applications Radio Engineering for Wireless Communication and Sensor Applications

Antti V. Raisanen, Arto Lehto
Artech House, Hardcover, Published June 2003, ISBN 1580535429

Covering a wide range of application areas, from wireless communications and navigation, to sensors and radar, this practical resource offers you the first comprehensive, multidisciplinary overview of radio engineering. You learn important techniques to help you with the generation, control, detection and utilization of radio waves, and find detailed guidance in radio link, amplifier, and antenna design.

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Electrical Engineering Dictionary Electrical Engineering Dictionary

Editor: Laplante, Philip
Publisher: CRC Press

This book is continually updated to provide workable definitions for practicing engineers. It serves as both a reference and research tool for students, and offers practical information for scientists and engineers in other disciplines.

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