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project managment IT

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PIC Microcontroller Project Book PIC Microcontroller Project Book

What can you do with PIC microcontrollers? Practically anything from creating robots that hunt light to feed their solar cells to making toasters announce, `Your toast is ready`. These low-cost (about $7) computers-in-a-chip are 20X faster than the more costly Basic Stamps, and they’re almost as easy to use. The PIC Microcontroller Project Book gives you hands-on directions for putting these chips to work. Starting with simple projects and experiments, this book leads you gradually into sophisticated programming techniques using Microchip`s free MPLAB compiler and the BASIC programming language. No previous programming experience is necessary. John Iovine coaches you through every single step.

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Software Project Management in Practice Software Project Management in Practice

Publisher: Addison Wesley Professional
Format: Paper; 288 pp

With an actual software project from Infosys used as a running example, the author explains the key aspects of successful project management-from process planning through project monitoring and closure. The practices discussed are also compatible with the widely adopted Capability Maturity Model® (CMM®). In the end, readers will gain a practical framework for systematically improving the planning and execution of any software project.

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