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LPIC 1 Certification Bible book Download this book LPIC 1 Certification Bible

ISBN: 0764547720
Publisher: IDG/Hungry Minds
Estimated Published Date: June, 2001
No. of Pages: 880 (approx)

As Linux continues its rapid expansion into Corporate America, the demand for qualified administrators has grown. As the Cisco, Microsoft, A+ and other certifications have shown, professional certifications are often a deciding factor when an individual is considered for a job. The Linux Professional Institute Certification 1 offers the validation of skill level beyond the power-user and helpdesk level, at an entry-level admin base. LPIC 1 Certification Bible is organized around the exam objectives.It includes self-assessment questions with each chapter as well as an inclusive practice exam at the end of the book.

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LPIC 1 Certification Bible

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